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Music and writing I love., its the freedom to let your mind explore and create. In my writers blog (block) I post stories, song text, ideas, ramblings. 


SLIP then FALL  

Slip and fall

I didn't hear you call out in vain 

For who was that name


What crosses the mind within that time

Of life the love the loss 

What could you do

This time who knew

Pride comes before a slip and fall


Mounds and sounds and bright coloured flowers

Orange red yellow green blue

You scribbled up well for a month old dead

The maggots still disguise that rosy hue


Laying down on the ground

Confound it what could be wrong 

You were feeling fine, loved and alive

But this dying takes it very own time 


The clock then phone

Wait, was that the door

Night time, day and day again again

Won't someone just come in


Laying flat down 

Feeling an unusual comfort now

Forgetting the sounds

The voices and footsteps low 


It was so strange at such an age

To end your days that way

What would they say "imagine dying that way"

Pride comes before a slip then fall 






Second started life as a 300 word flash fiction piece. The text in italics came from a vocal melody I had in my head and took over a month to add the lyric and guitar melody. 


 When have I been here before ? This situation is not new. I had been preparing all this time.  There was a

fleeting glance. Pictures, photographic slides shutter but remain captured in my eyes. I asked myself 

"When have we been here before?"

The world is gonna change,  But we'll always feel this way, I've found a place for us

You reached to me as I fell, this moment was never destined to pass us. I remembered every detail of when we did not meet, instinct told me I could never forget. You were not looking but you saw me with those sweet, warm, sorrowful eyes that would never contain your restless spirit and soul. 


You might hear them say, That we've always been that way, Well take a look around


Inside of me I could already feel your hidden aching and yearning, It seemed forever old.  But you have always known me and that even in my happiest hours, those deceptions of joy, the only constant has been that moment of you. That blink of a second, our true denominator in this empty existence that measures our very being. 

There'll be the times, When it seems I've been afraid, That was yesterday. 

I have sat with others but ultimately and triumphantly alone. I would count my breath and measure time as it spun in my calculus. Calculating our destiny.  My life has been spent wandering and never truly aware that I followed your path. Every new day the mood was constant just like a pendulum in swing, counting time. And what do we know of our own time other than speed and light. Perhaps time waits patiently, assured of the inevitable or stands excitedly in the wings aroused, eager to bid. Smiling. Beguiling. Urgent. Demanding. 

I never could wait, So, please don't hesitate, for something you wanted more

Turning around I saw you again for the first time and waited for that second. All this time the thoughts you want to let go they are now free. I have always seen you in this Second, the denominator. We have always been here before.

The world is gonna change, But we'll always feel this way, I've found a place for us



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