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Killian was born in the heart of Viking Dublin and raised hanging out in iconic music venues such as O'Donoghues and the Cobblestone.  His paternal grandfather was a Guinness employee and every Sunday morning his father would take him to these pubs to hear "his culture " and be told  "this is what your Granda fought for ".   

Together with Mike Bruinsma (ex Harmony Glen) on fiddle they conjure up an authentic Dublin Celt experience as Killian tells yarns about Dublin characters such as Bang Bang, Johnny Forty Coats, Mad Mary and sings songs of the city and also of the counties outside the Pale.   

Dublin Celts bring a collection of jigs, reels, Irish and Scottish songs, stories, sometimes dance !  (Killian was a prize winning Irish Dancer from the Patrick Farrington School of Dance) 

Authentic Dublin Celts.  

Now Booking for  Festivals 2024. 



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